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Rev your engines for our parking lot fundraiser

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Join our Sunday Celebration!

Join our Sunday Celebration!

Sunday Service
Children & Youth Celebration

10:30 AM in the Sanctuary
11:00 AM in the Sanctuary
11:00 AM in the Community Building

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Mark Your Calendars!

Mark Your Calendars!

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New Upcoming Events

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Recurring Events


<< Click on calendar button, click on date to attend, link is in summary.

invitation to Sunday Social Hour that is held after service each Sunday
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Book with title of class "A Course In Miracle", Class meets via Zoom on Mondays from 7-9 pm, below this image is a link to a calendar that has the class information on each day

<< Click on calendar button, click on date to attend, link is in summary.

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GOAL: $36,859


updated 2/22/2024
@ 1:55pm

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Click image above and select Park from the drop down menu.

We Are Here for YOU!

We Are Here for YOU!

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As a community, we have trained Prayer Chaplains that are here to support you.  You may request prayer by clicking the button below.  This request will be sent to our Prayer Chaplain where you can request a call back if you so desire.  We hold and see the highest good unfolding for you now.

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