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Catch Rev. Erika Forbes this Sunday, August 21st at Unity of San Antonio! Her meditation and message are titled “4D Living, Thriving, and Serving to Make the World a Better Place.” As we awaken to the power of our own minds, and the limitless potential within our mental operating system to choose the lens of consciousness and the lens of vision that we’re looking through, living through, and responding through, everything has the potential to shift on a dime. Our worldview is constructed, filtered, and attuned by the lens of consciousness we’re currently looking through. When we hold ourselves responsible for the thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs we’re subscribing to and/or perpetuating within our own personal system, we also unleash the power to shift the story, upgrade the frequency, and rewrite the script. We are not bound to anything, other than the thoughts and patterns we’re generating and projecting from the inner space of our own minds – consciously or unconsciously. This talk will give you the 4 tools you need to live, thrive and serve with joy!

Rev. Erika has been a licensed, ordained interfaith minister and licensed practitioner for over 15 years. She is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of The Awakening Spiritual Community, which started in San Antonio, Texas. Rev. Erika has a private spiritual counseling practice and is a national public speaker on issues that stand at the intersection of spirituality, emotional justice, and race relationship transformation. She has a Masters in World Religions and a BA in Education. She truly considers Unity of San Antonio her second home.




Sunday Celebration

Guest Speaker Rev. Erika Forbes

Sunday, August 21 at 11:00 AM


Youth Ministry

Sunday, August 21 at 11:00 AM

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Unity of San Antonio is a diverse, non-denominational, spiritual community where everyone is celebrated. You have found a congregation ready to celebrate the true nature of you, that is divine and inherently good. We are a group of believers in God, as a guiding presence within you…not a demanding “superbeing” in the sky. Here you'll find a place to study what Jesus said, not what others have said about him. Unity is a school of thought that honors truth revealed in all faiths and all cultures.


Now that you've found a spiritual community that believes we are God’s light, opening our hearts, transforming our lives, and celebrating the divine identity of all—we hope you will join us for a Sunday Experience soon!

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We are delighted you have found us online. Unity of San Antonio is a vibrant spiritual community. We warmly welcome all people. If you are looking for a spiritual community that is diverse, inclusive, and focused on spiritual growth, look no further. We offer classes, seminars, powerful prayer practices, and many other spiritual growth opportunities. People of all ages are active in our ministries, young people being especially important to us. Our Youth Ministry is energetic and dynamic, and we cannot wait to launch our new program after the pandemic dust settles. I encourage you to look around our website and learn more about Unity of San Antonio by visiting our YouTube page to view our previous Sunday Celebration services. We look forward to meeting you!