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Prayer Chaplains

Prayer Chaplains

Our Vision

The Prayer Chaplain’s vision is to see and hold the true Divine Nature of each person in
our commUnity and in the world. In doing so we uplift those prayed with to see the
Divine Truth of who they are.

Prayer  Chaplains serve our CommUNITY in affirmative prayer. Prayer Chaplains support people on their spiritual journey by creating and holding sacred space with others. They listen and hold what is heard in the strictest confidence. Prayer Chaplains pray with others and they are available to pray with you! 

Prayer Chaplains are available every Sunday at our 11:00 am service. You'll notice them sitting quietly in a meditation throughout our service. Feel free to approach them after the service, they will gladly pray about any concerns or celebrations you have. You may also complete a Prayer Intention Card or fill out the form by hitting the button below.

Top of the prayer tower at Unity Village

Over 130 years of prayer! The staff a Silent Unity are available for your every day of the year!

Call:  816-969-2000 (6am-midnight)
st online

Mail request to: Unity Prayer Minister

                             1901 NW Blue Parkway

                             Unity Village, MO 64065

Silent Unity

The 5 Step Unity Prayer Process
Embrace the Silence
Give Thanks
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Meet your current prayer chaplains

From left to right: Jim Jagger, Jeannetta Davis, Robin Tefft, Karen Cozean, Donna Burkholder, Marsha Hendrix


A Message from Jeanetta Davis


I was first introduced to the Prayer Chaplain program when Shirley, our other Licensed Unity Teacher, and I attended a Licensed Teacher Week at Unity Village. I remember how excited we were at the prospect of bring this ministry back to the church. We had 8 church members at our first training. 


To enhance my understanding of this ministry, I attended a weekend at the Unity Church in Sun City Arizona. I must admit that in the beginning, my prayers were not very affirming. I still prayed how I was taught as a child seeing God as outside of myself. 


Through my years as your Prayer Chaplain, I found myself maturing not only in my prayer practice but my Spirituality as well.  For me the greatest feeling of my total Oneness with Divine Life, Love, and Wisdom are the times I sit in the back holding everyone in the Divine flow of the Universe. 


I look forward to the times that I can make my Prayer Chaplain calls. Though often I only leave a message, I can’t count the times that someone answered and remarked “I am so glad you called; please pray with me for…”. 


In becoming a Prayer Chaplain, I have grown in giant steps in my ongoing relationship with Divine Life, Love, and Wisdom.


Your Prayer Chaplains will begin our new training session in September. If you have had any thoughts of joining our ministry, I invite you to hold that thought in prayer and consider joining this ministry.


I bless you on your continued spiritual journey,


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