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Intentionally Giving from the Heart

What is Intentional Giving?

Every year in November at Unity of San Antonio, we reflect with gratitude on our spiritual practices of prosperity and abundant living.  We then set in place a plan to commit to intentionally give to our CommUNITY in the coming year. This practice supports us as a CommUNITY, not only spiritually, but in a practical way. Our leadership will have an idea what financial resources we can expect in the coming year.  Stating the amount and frequency of our giving, in advance, is a spiritual practice. This dedicated practice of many of you is what has kept us financially afloat in these difficult times and we thank you! If you did not get an enrollment form for Intentional Giving in the mail, call the church office at (210) 824-7351 and we can make sure you get one, or simply enroll online.

Feel free to bring your form to our special Thanksgiving service, or mail your form after you complete it. We will have a meaningful Thanksgiving service in person and online with special speakers, readings, candle lighting, and your participation! In the weeks ahead, please take photos with your smartphone of images that represent gratitude and/or abundance to you. Then, either send them to us by email at, for use during the service – or simply plan to post your pictures in the comments on Facebook Live or YouTube.

Why Intentional Giving?

Reasons for giving are as diverse as our congregation. Many tell us they give in appreciation of their spiritual evolution brought about by participation in our Unity CommUNITY. Others feel inspired to contribute to our vision of a spiritually transformed, peaceful world. Many want to ensure that meditation, study, and service continue by way of adequate staffing and administration. Many give for the pure joy of giving, knowing it feels good to give to something greater than ourselves. Intentional givers often report spiritual transformation because of making and keeping a commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How could I commit to any amount of giving without knowing what my income might be?

We suggest that you determine your likely minimum income and base your giving on that amount. During the year, adjust your giving amount month to month depending on your actual income. For example, if you determine to tithe from your income and you anticipate a minimum monthly income of $2500, your monthly minimum giving would be $250. Month to month, you would calculate your actual income and adjust your actual giving to match 10% of that total. If your income in any month is higher than your stated minimum, you will give that much more. If less in any month, then you will give less that month.

What if my income decreases or increases after I submit my statement of intention?


Circumstances change from time to time; we can easily accommodate you. We recommend you contact Office Manager, Kelly Force at

How can I fulfill my intention when I am not able to attend services every Sunday?


Automatic Giving: Simply provide a voided check – or your credit card information if you prefer – and your gift will be processed on the 1st or 15th of each month, as you designate. Set it up once, and it’s taken care of for the rest of the year.


Online: If you prefer a little more flexibility, you can give your gift each month using online banking – just like any of your monthly expenses. Or you can take advantage of our PayPal capability at


Mailing: Pick up a supply of love offering envelopes in our office and mail them in with your check from the convenience of your home.


If you need more information about the spiritual aspects of Intentional Giving, check out the video below.


We thank you for prayerfully considering the spiritual practice of Intentional Giving.


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