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Youth of Unity

What is Y.O.U.?


The Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) is an international youth group for teens ages 14-18 (grades 9-12). The purpose of Y.O.U. is to encourage and assist in the spiritual growth of all young people who are seeking to express the indwelling Christ in accordance with the principles of practical Christianity as taught and interpreted by Unity Worldwide Ministries. Y.O.U. provides youth the opportunity to explore Unity's principles and other truth teachings and to demonstrate these in their daily lives.


A typical Y.O.U. Sunday at Unity of San Antonio is meant to be spiritual support for our Unity Teens, a safe place to connect, study, create, uphold one another during this High School time!

To understand that we are all radiant beings of light with a place in the universe and, just like the stars in the sky, our inner light shines so brightly that we can easily navigate our way and help guide others, and we can look to the story of our past and the stories of others for guidance. 

Teen Gay Couple
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