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Meet our Board of Trustees

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Get to know the UCSA Board - from their statements based on personality self-analysis when they became a UCSA board member and also their statements about what Unity means to each of them.

 Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett
"I am an audacious, tenacious, and courageous, an inspired and inspiring spiritual leader."
Divine Love is now rising within you.  Divine Love you are is blessing you with the message: attend to Love, be Love.  Nothing is more important. 

    Gary GlassmanGary Glassman - Chair
 "I am a strong, thoughtful, loving, passionate man."
My spiritual mission is to continue to understand and express the truth about myself - the truth about each of us - the true blessing of our divine nature.  As Eric Butterworth wrote, "Unity seeks only to teach you how to think, how to pray - so that you can formulate your own definition of God, experience your own communion
with God, and find your own distinctly personal revelation of truth. 

Bruce CulbertsonBruce Culbertson - Vice Chair
"I am a kind, loving, supportive man of integrity." 
Unity is a way of life that gives you the tools to follow your personal spiritual journey to a wonderful life experience.  It is culturally Christian, but Spiritually Unlimited!

Flavio Vilches
Flavio Vilches
 - Board Member
"I am a peaceful, wise compassionate and creative giver."
At UCSA, we encourage everybody to find their own spiritual path, and prosper in all areas of life.
Ronald Smith - Board Member 
"I AM Ron, authentically connected with myself and others; an open-hearted, committed Divine creation."
As a UCSA board member, I am joyful to serve in a church where our message is a powerful one and is needed in our city.  To be a part of this movement and serve on the Board that will allow people to live a more positive and fulfilled life is truly my desire.
Suzy Crowley  -  Board Member 
"I AM Suzy, a loving, complete, compassionate and peacefully focused woman."
Most importantly as a UCSA board member is that I am present and listening.  I consult the Greater Source rather than my finite ego in all areas for direction and allow the flow.  I am willing to be open-minded, but I trust my deepest intuition.  I allow the majority to rule and have dignity to make mistakes, for it is the process that we learn.
Richard AlexanderMajor General (Ret) Richard C. Alexander 
- Alternate Board Member 
"I AM Richard, a Spiritual Being radiating God’s light as a caring, joyful, dedicated, insightful expression of GOD." 
As a UCSA board member, I contribute spiritually by applying practical Christianity to the decision making process and would consider it a privilege to serve as a member of the UCSA Board of Trustees. 
tim torres

 Tim Torres - Alternate Board Member
"I AM Tim, a gentle, brave, loyal, creative person of insight and strength."
For me, the message of Unity is best said in the title of an old Unity hymn, “I Behold the Christ in You.” On good days and bad, knowing the Truth that we are each one Divine Christ changes my experience of the world for the better in countless ways.


donna burkholderDonna Burkholder – Alternate Board Member 
"I AM Donna, a cheerful, gracious, and faith-filled woman courageously inspiring love and kindness."
Unity guides us to recognize our divine nature. At UCSA we strive to create a space for seekers to find and express their divinity. With an open heart I listen and learn and act to raise up the divine consciousness of the world around me






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